Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Well... I've got to give myself another day to get my Etsy Shop open... hoping nobody gets their BEADWORK magazine a day early. :o) I know, you guys are out there waiting patiently, but I've been killing myself to get this stuff together, can't believe how much work it is!! Once I get this all up, I'm posting pieces at least weekly, if not daily. I was told the magazine starts hitting mailboxes on the 9th, so I'm pushing to get it up & running by midnight (or the middle of the night) before the mailman comes! :o) I still have so much to do. You'd think I'd just start adding one item, then another, etc. It's empty... I'm trying to hold it all off for a grand entrance, LOL... working up the anticipation, you know?? :o)

Here....I'll give you a little tease, though..... enjoy!
Such a beautiful acorn!
Comparison of standard & mini acorns... next to a penny, a Cheez-It & an 11 year old's hand. :o)
(these specific acorns are no longer available)
I'm getting items listed on my website store... for the first time since I started up my site! I've decided that it will mostly be items that are stocked, like findings (my Changeable Twig Bead Pendant! See below), bead alignment tubing, & such, as well as made-to-order pieces, such as my utensils, kaleidoscopes & such. 

I have a wonderful new batch of sterling silver Changeable Twig Bead Pendants... they're so beautiful & make such a statement. They'll regularly be for sale on my website & will be on Etsy, too. Click on the picture to take you to my website & all of the details. (bead & ribbon is not included, of course)

I'll also have some simpler changeable bead holders on my website & Etsy in the next few days... they're $15-$25 & I've done them in both sterling & gold filled/vermeil. 

This next piece is going to be a deal for someone... I'd prefer if it was someone who will remember it came from me, just in case. It's beautiful (& is pictured in my BEADWORK Bead Artist article!), 40mm diameter.
I made the mistake of thinking that it needed to be lined w/ some sterling tubing the other day. See the little raised dots there around the center,? I ended up knocking tiny little pieces of 2 neighboring dots off as I hammered, trying to get the lining down tight in front! SO, I'm including the ribbon... it hides the owies :o) ...but they're still there. I was dremeling the hole on the back, too, & put a little scratch on the back surface, arg! Luckily it's under the ribbon, too!! I'd keep it for myself, but I thought someone might want a deal. Normally, I'd sell the disc for $50 lined w/ the silver & the ribbon would be an extra $8... so $58. I'll give it up for $38, including shipping to wherever you are. So that's $20 plus whatever the shipping charges will be. It's still a solid piece... not about to fall apart on you, I just can't sell it as perfect. 
See the white spots on the 2 raised dots in the center, that's where the top of the glass was chipped off
I'm offering it right here for sale on my blog. First come first serve...eMail me your PayPal address & I'll send you an invoice, to be paid w/in 24 hours, otherwise I go on to the next in line. Thanks!!

Maybe I'll start offering a "Deal of the Week". We'll see!!

Enough teasing. I'll see you guys on Etsy in a few days!!! 

Till then....

~ Julie


Pretty Things said...

Golly Ned but I'm ACHING for those top acorns!

Julie said...

LOL, Lori. You're too funny. Thank you... I love them, too. ♥

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